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November Content Update + Server Updates
Good morning/afternoon/evening! We have been working hard to push our new content updates for you guys. In this month's content update, we have many new crate items, hats, and tags to purchase or win via the crates. Also, in this content update, we have implemented more content suggestions that the community has suggested! Additionally, we have released our second realm, OP Survival! OP Survival A huge and major suggestion we have seen from the community is to make improvements to the economy that would, unfortunately, break the current layout of the survival economy. Instead, we have decided to release an additional realm for players to play on. Getting bored of Survival? Join our OP Survival server! Getting bored of OP Survival? Join our Survival server! With this change, our OP Survival realm will play the exact same as the old Melon realms Watermelon, Apple, and Mango played. The shop has been restructured a little, but you can sell the items you were...
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Welcome to the Forums
Hello MelonSMP! We have gone over a year without having a website, now it is time to launch our very own website! This website will be an outlet for users to interact with each other and staff members, introduce themselves to the community, and much more. This website gives us a new way for you all to communicate besides relying on discord. We know that a handful of users cannot create discord accounts without violating Discords TOS, as well as users being banned from discord for breaking the rules. This gives users a second chance to be involved with the community again! There's a lot to learn about the website, so keep reading! Forums We have several different outlets for communication on the forums. You can create a General Discussion thread to talk about anything! You can also create an Introduction thread to tell us a little about yourself and get acclimated to the community! Are you in a clan? You can create a...
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is the whole server finished? Me and my mates played on it all the time and I haven't been able to get on recently.
Can somone send me an invite to the discord?
The link isnt working
stevo chevo only good staff member (usg too)
Deserved downfall lmfaoooo
Zelbunni punished me, please unban

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