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  1. MadG

    November Content Update + Server Updates

    Good morning/afternoon/evening! We have been working hard to push our new content updates for you guys. In this month's content update, we have many new crate items, hats, and tags to purchase or win via the crates. Also, in this content update, we have implemented more content suggestions that...
  2. MadG

    Pending Pets

    This is something we can add in the future.
  3. MadG

    Denied Map

    Unfortunately, due to plugins being outdated, getting a Dynmap at this time is not possible. Sorry about that!
  4. MadG

    Denied Shops

    The shop rotates more frequently than it did on launch, giving players more options to sell and buy throughout the day.
  5. MadG

    Approved sell wand

    Unfortunately, I cannot make them purchasable with the current shop. However, they will make their way into the crates!
  6. MadG

    Denied sell all

    Sell-all defeats the purpose of the current shop. Unfortunately, this won't be changed.
  7. MadG

    Approved Player Chest Shops.

    We will be looking into getting this back into the server at some point before the end of the week.
  8. MadG

    Denied RANKS

    They did?
  9. MadG

    Denied Add the old buy and sell shop but more balanced

    This will ruin the current economy. This will not be re-implemented. Sorry.
  10. MadG

    Approved just a heads up

    We will be experimenting with this to disable the job lock feature. Villager breeding will still stay disabled.
  11. MadG

    Denied Allow multiple claims

    This is designed to make claims more valuable and to make your claims more expandable than creating multiple claims. This is unfortunately not possible.
  12. MadG

    Denied shrek

    This is not a suggestion.
  13. MadG

    Denied Minecart trains

    This is something that we cannot change as it is not a vanilla MC feature. Sorry about that.
  14. MadG

    Welcome to the Forums

    MelonSMP Forums???? When??
  15. MadG

    You two and your coffee addictions

    You two and your coffee addictions
  16. MadG

    Just a Random Panda

    Howdy MelonSMP Community! I am MadG! My real name is Derek! I am from New York and have been playing Minecraft for almost 10 years. I have been working on Minecraft servers for a while now and have finally been able to call Melon my home! I am in charge of all the content development on Melon...
  17. MadG

    Panda who?

    Panda who?
  18. MadG

    Kay Kay One Tee Tee Why

    Kay Kay One Tee Tee Why
  19. MadG

    W moves

    W moves

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